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how to get return value and cursor using ct_results() for Store procedure

I am using Sybase 15.0 version on Windows operating system. From C++ code using Sybase Client library I am executing a stored procedure.  

Say this is my stored procedure that I am invoking.

create procedure abc
select name, sal from employee
return 1

I am using ct_results() to get the result type, For the stored procedures which are not returning any rows, Result type is coming as CS_STATUS_RESULT, but for stored procedures which are retuning me some result set eg. Mentioned abc stored procedure where select statement returns some rows, result type is always coming as CS_ROW_RESULT.

I went through the link http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.help.os_15.0.comlib/html/comlib/X31916.htm

After searching for ct_result, I found some sample code; I could not get much help from there.

Can anyone please let me know using Sybase client library, how I can get return value from a stored procedure returning some rows?
1 Solution
Jan FranekCommented:
I recommend you to look at http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.help.os_15.0.clcprgde/html/clcprgde/X49044.htm - there's quite detailed manual on handling results that you get from Sybase server.

Your procedure is returning 2 results - one is CS_ROW_RESULT, second CS_STATUS_RESULT. Basically you keep calling ct_results until you process all of results, that your command returned.

You may also want to look at sample code delivered with your Sybase Client - usually in %SYBASE/%SYBASE_OCS/sample - try firstapp.c

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