Apache Module mod_deflate

hi there

i will be installing Apache Module "mod_deflate" on a apache hosted application.

does the "mod_deflate" have a tendancy to slow down overall performance and/or speed?

thanks in advance

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Yes, if your website application often delivers large HTML files (over 40-50k) that compress well - this will spead up things for people on dialup and will not slow down things for people with good connections if there is a lot of CPU power.
It depends.

mod_deflate is a trade off of some CPU power for bandwidth savings. Whether it is benefitial for you depends on how much CPU power you have, what kind of content you are serving (how well it compresses) and your connection.
minichickenAuthor Commented:

so if the amount of traffic on the connection does not matter AND there is a surplus of CPU power,

would you recommend it?
minichickenAuthor Commented:

perfect thank man!
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