Event ID 20158 and 20159


The other night one of my Windows 2000 file servers logged the following events (a couple of times over a five minute period).

EventID 20158, RemoteAccess
The user pppaccount successfully established a connection to RAC Connection using the device RACPORT.

EvendID 20159, RemoteAccess
The connection to RAC Connection made by user pppaccount using device RACPORT was disconnected.

Problem:  There are no accounts but the defaults on this server (specifically, pppaccount) and it is not a terminal or remote access server anyway.  What is this?  What should I do?  Thanks!
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If you're not using it, and as you are on Windows 2000 it's better to disable it as it can slow browsing the network:


I personally don't disable them and just leave them to it and haven't had any issues with them as yet. It's one of those things that Dell likes to put in your box that you never really use or know it's there until you get this event!

Sorry, the link was meant to be an explanation of what the D-RAC card is, but it's been a 12 hour shift and I've probably posted the wrong one. So here one on disabling D-RAC:


And here's a better one on what the D-RAC card does and how to configure...just in case you do need it in the future:


Is this by any chance on a Dell box?

If so it's the Dell Remote Access Card that's bringing up the message

hckyntAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is.  I am a littlet confused by the link you left.  Is this a patch I need to install or just ignore the error.  Many thanks!
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