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Fire Tab_Change() upon page clicked after subform is updated

I need to fire the below code when the page is clicked but after several fields which are needed for calculation update with new data pulling from 2 subforms.

 Me.curTotalLayerPremium = Me.calccuml1LayerTotal
    Me.curTotalReinsPremium = 0
    Me.curTotalUmbChargedPremium = Nz(Me.curTotalLayerPremium, 0) + Nz(Me.curTotalReinsPremium, 0)

The problem I'm running into placing this on the tab_chage is that the event fires before me.calccuml1layertotal has a chance to pull the updated values from the 2 subforms.

(Am I making any sense with this?)

As always any help is greatly appreciated.

Rose Marie

Microsoft Access

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