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Shared Fonts -MM tech note does not work

The MM tech note on shared fonts is (a) old-out-of-date, or (b) wrong.


I have several SWFs which want to use the same font:  Times New Roman

But when I follow MM tech note, the font name (in my main FLA) appears as:  ( Times New Roman* )

in parentheses and does NOT display properly when the main.swf is run.

Is there a Better Tutorial on Shared Fonts for Flash 7 ?

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1 Solution
DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Here's the answer that actually works (instead of the 5 "solutions" which did NOT work)

Keep the font FLA and SWF file in the same dir as the FLA/SWF which will be using the fonts.

1) Make a new FLA. In library window menu, select "New Font..."
2) Choose font and style etc
3) Right-click on the resulting symbol to set LINKAGE...
4) Set name, e.g. "TimesNewRoman"
5) Checkmark ALL three "EXPORT" settings. Leave AS2 Class blank.
6) Set "URL" to the name of the font SWF you will make WITHOUT .swf on the end
  e.g. "TimesNewRoman"
7) Export a SWF from that FLA
8) CLOSE the font FLA file.

9) Now open the main FLA that wants to use the fonts.
10) Use File > Import > Open External Library...    and open the font FLA file you just worked on.
11) Drag the font symbol from the External library window into the Library Window of your main FLA
12) Right-click to check the linkage:  TimesNewRoman.swf    (note the .swf here now ! )
13) Now select your dynamic text field (or whatever) and choose TimesNewRoman*  (note asterisk)
14) WITH THAT FIELD selected, you must (!) choose to Embed the font for that field as well.
15) Now build and run the file.

NOTE: You must keep the Main.swf and TimesNewRoman.swf TOGETHER in the same folder, otherwise Flash (stupid) will not be able to find the font swf.


DonelsonAuthor Commented:
Moderator, please Mark This Question as Answered for the benefit of future head-bashers.
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