How can I interface Delphi with Hotmail just as Outlook Express do?

I need to make an application that can login and download Hotmail´s mails just as Outlook Express do.

I search in this page and found a lot of topics  but I can not acces the soluctions because require a Premium Account.

If some body have an example or information that how I can do this interface with Hotmail, using Delphi, please email me to
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InteractiveMindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This library is supposed to be good, and can be interfaced with delphi, if you know how:
Are you a Hotmail premium user?
Because I don't think that hotmail enables POP3 access.

If you do have a premium account (or I am merely wrong regarding only Hotmail premium's having POP3 access), then you can use a delphi POP3 API; take your pick:,GGLD:2005-10,GGLD:en&q=delphi+POP3
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