How can I interface Delphi with Hotmail just as Outlook Express do?

I need to make an application that can login and download Hotmail´s mails just as Outlook Express do.

I search in this page and found a lot of topics  but I can not acces the soluctions because require a Premium Account.

If some body have an example or information that how I can do this interface with Hotmail, using Delphi, please email me to
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Eddie ShipmanConnect With a Mentor All-around developerCommented:
I am considered the "expert" on accessing Hotmail with Delphi due to my article called
"Hotmail -- Delphi Style!" in "Hardcore Delphi" in 2004. A reprint of the article is located here: (Part1) (Part2)

Microsoft discontinued WebDAV access to their free accounts in late 2004 so you
won't be able to access it using the standard WebDAv way unless you have a Hotmail Plus
account. It seems the cookie handling of XMLHTTPObject doesn't work correctly to allow
connections via WebDAV.

I have seen a C# project, though, that still accesses free accounts via WebDav
BUT it isn't using XMLHTTPObject. It uses the new .Net object called HttpWebRequest.
There is no equivalent to HttpWebRequest in Delphi.

I know there have also been modifications to the Indy Library going on to enable
WebDAV-like functionality but don't know how that project is coming.

There is also a sourceforge project called HotwayD that is a Hotmail proxy that works via
screen-scraping. I don't know how active that project is or when it was last updated.
as far as I know all topics are viewable but you just need to scroll down over the ads. I never gotton to a question that was unviewable. maybe you can post a link to such question?
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Looking further at HotwayD, I found that they now use WebDAV (HTTPMail) to access HM
and it suffers from the same fate the code in as my magazine article.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Looking at the source of of HotwayD I was mistaken that it uses XMLHTTP.
Instead it uses it would work for you...

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