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1 DIMM or 2 DIMM??

I am trying to purchase a laptop from DELL and was confused on the RAM. Is it better to get 1G on 1DIMM DDR2 RAM or 1G on 2DIMM DDR2 RAM?
2 Solutions
If the laptop supports dual-channel, it is better to get 2 DIMMs.  You may see up to a 10% improvement in speed.
However, if you plan to upgrade the memory to 2gig you will be better off getting the 1gig on 1 stick so you dont have to replace it latter.
Assuming that notebook is not dual channel, since most are not, it becomes mainly a question of future upgrades.  If you plan to upgrade to 2GB at some point, then a single 1GB module is preferable.  If not, in my opinion, it's preferable to have 2 modules.  Should one fail, notebook will be operable and replacement cost is less.
hi there

its always better to have two dimms. but say u have two dimms in your laptop and if u want to add more ram later its best to have one single 1gb and later u can add one more 1 gb ram stick. in the later case where u have two 512 ram sticks u need to buy two 1 gb sticks. but if u dont want to add any more ram then go for two 512 ram sticks

some of the dell laptops have upto four memory channels so make your choice but that would be very costly

inspirion range would be ok for normal usage

lattitute range is for better performance but they are costlier than inspirion

and dell precision range is very high range and very good performance.

inspirion 9400 model is a very good one check the specifications here



"... Is it better to get 1G on 1DIMM DDR2 RAM or 1G on 2DIMM DDR2 RAM? " ==>   In the past I'd have agreed with willcomp r.e. it depended on whether or not you planned to upgrade in the future.

HOWEVER ... Dell's current notebooks that use DDR2 all take advantage of Intel's new 2nd generation Centrino architecture, which IS a dual-channel memory architecture ==> so the answer to your question is it's absolutely better (from a performance perspective) to get two DIMMs.

Note, however, that IF you plan on upgrading to a 2nd GB in the relatively near future, you still may want to purchase it with a single 1GB module; and simply accept the single-channel performance until you buy a matching module.

By the way, the dual channel advantage in these laptops is appreciably more than 10% => you might be interested in the details here:

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