Setup VPN and limit access to certain pcs

I need to setup a VPN ... Client A needs access to 2 pcs at Client B's location.  Client A shouldn't have access to any other pc's on the network.  I'm planning to use a Netgear "ProSafe Wireless VPN Firewall", model FVG318 (wireless router / 8 port switch / VPN combo) ... as the router at Client B's location.  

Can I limit access thru the VPN to just 2 specific machines?  How?

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In your particular case, I'm not sure if that router has the functionality to set a policy to restrict that.

We use Netscreen firewalls, and for our VPN, we do have restrictions similar to what you're looking for.

Client A: subnet
Client B: subnet

Client A should only have access to these two specific machines: and

On our Netscreen firewall at Client B location, we would need two policy rules:

1) Allow connections from to and
2) Deny connections from to

So basically, the router at client B is blocking all connections from EXCEPT to and
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The Netgear and client allow you to specify an IP range the client can connect to. If you were to assign the computers you wish to allow the remote user to connect to, adjacent IP's such as and  You should be able to restrict the remote user, by allowing the to connect to the "IP range" to instead of allowing to "subnet".
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks  stevekalu,
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