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I design websites and when I need to build a comp that has say a form, or a cursor, or radio buttons etc.. I have to go into browser, screen capture the element I want and then paste into photoshop. Is there a better way? Like a set of brushes or something that I can buy/download that allow me to "stamp" radio buttons on my site etc..
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TheRookie32Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would create your own brush SET with the components that you always use...  Radio buttons, checkboxes etc...  That way, they are always there for you to use...

Here is a tut on how to create your own brushes...

links to LOTS of brushes:

Eric's idea of a graphics library seems good too!
What I’ve done is build a graphics library of sorts. I have separate directories for different “elements” on transparent backgrounds. When I need one of these I just open the PSD file and drag the element onto my layout.
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