kind of diagrams that should be in a Software requirements specs?

What kind of diagrams should i include in a S/W requirements specs? UCASE? SEQUENCE? DFD? ER?

I need a s/w req. specs for web portal...or web site...pls help.
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Jim HornConnect With a Mentor Microsoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Off the top of my head..

Problem description
Two-sentance description of what needs to be built
In Scope
Out of Scope   '<--- Most important part of requirements doc, trust me on this one
Rough timeline
Rough who needs to be involved + time commitment of each
Account number to charge project to.  '<--- Second most important part of requirements doc
Jaime OlivaresConnect With a Mentor Software ArchitectCommented:
I suggest you to use UML.
The most important diagram to start is Use Cases.
Depending on how many you want to detail your specs, Class Diagrams and State Diagrams would be useful.
I suggest you to read this book:
"UML Xtra-Light: How to Specify Your Software Requirements"
spiralAuthor Commented:
i dun have that book
UML Xtra-Light: How to Specify Your Software Requirements
Sowmya_KConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest you to use a use case diagram.

A use case is a technique for capturing the potential requirements of a new system or software change. Each use case provides one or more scenarios that convey how the system should interact with the end user or another system to achieve a specific business goal. Use cases typically avoid technical jargon, preferring instead the language of the end user or domain expert. Use cases are often co-authored by software developers and end users.

Use cases treat the system as a "black box", and the interactions with system, including system responses, are as perceived from outside the system. This is deliberate policy, because it simplifies the description of requirements, and avoids the trap of making assumptions about how this functionality will be accomplished.

A use case should:
*describe a business task to serve a business goal
*be at the appropriate level of detail
*be short enough to implement by one software developer in single release.
Use cases can be very good for establishing the functional requirements; however they are not suited to capturing Non-Functional Requirements.

spiralAuthor Commented:
anyone got a software requirement specs template for a website which i can use? i m pretty new in this document. thanks.
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