Mac OS X Introductory video clip ?

You know when you first innstall mac os x you get that really neat video clip of it saying welcome in different languages and how the spot light follows them etc.

Where can I find that video clip so I can watch it again ( Just would be nice to see it again , without re installing the OS lol )
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tactonic_grateConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You have absolutely NO patience. A simple Google search for "Mac OS X intro movie" would have gotten you the result you needed in about one minute. But here you go:

Note: there are two separate files for this- the movie and the mp3 file. They are in the same folder.

I'll tell Paul about this one :)

You might find it on the install CD.
gecko_au2003Author Commented:
Where though exactly ?

Do you know the exact path or what its called or something ( I tried using spot light cos apparently its on the hard drive but I couldnt find anything like that , I mean I dont even know what file format it is or anything )
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gecko_au2003Author Commented:
lol he knows what my patience span is like more or less lol. I will check it out later on :)

I need to remember google is my friend !!!
Poor guy hasn't been well at all!

Just emailed him and he's a bit better- but only a little.

Google is a great place, so long as you don't live in China.

How is the programming course coming on- have you started it yet?

gecko_au2003Author Commented:
I havent started the programming course ( I was going to go with the OU ). Ive been looking into re doing my 2nd year of my HND ( part time with demontfort in leicster ) so need to chase that up here soon to get the info I need regarding that. I know it starts in october and then I will go from there.

Not sure if its a good way to go about it but thats how I figured I would do it lol.
I'm just off to a developer's conference (boring) in Manchester. See if I can pick you up some information and pass it through Paul if there's anything about courses or so (if you like). If not I think the OU would be a good choise. A degree is so much more than the subjects you study- it shows guts and longevity (and even some self discipline too).

We require all our programmers to have at least a BSc in Computer Science/Programming before getting a job with us. It amazes some people and they might be right. But what we are looking for in Junior Programmers is a certain level of ability to absorb information and use it more than be trained in ten different languages but without much of a clue on how to actually get one to work well enough to do something practical with it.

So we take these learners with their degree (which we see as their foundation) and then introduce them to languages we use and send them off on MS courses etc so they can move on. It works (to a certain level) but only as much as the person with the task of learning what they need to know.

We also don't advertise- we scout. That's why I'm here really.

Anyway- think about the degree. I suppose an HND is a good step but you already have one in reality so why waste time adding to it (or starting again) when you could apply credits to the OU and get cracking?

And tell Paul he needs to take that job from me :)

gecko_au2003Author Commented:
Yes that would be great @ course info etc from the developer's conference :)

I will look into the OU options
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