Make console use windows xp theme

Is there any way to make a normal console application use the current windows xp theme (instead of the dumb crappy lookin box)?
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What exactly do you mean? You can set colors and fonts, but the backgound of a console will be a console background...
GaryJoeAuthor Commented:
thats fine, I understand that. I mean the window border. the 2 pixels on the sides and the bar at the top.

I know its kina picky, i'm just curious if its possible...
Actually, they are using the current theme (as you can see from the title bar). If you want to have wider borders, that's a Windows setting...
GaryJoeAuthor Commented:
the titlebar is exacylt what I want to look like the rest of the windows.
when you open up a command prompt and when you open up an explorer window, the titlebars look different. What I'm asking is if there'sany way to get the console window titlebar to look the same as the explorer window title bar?
From all that I can seay - that does not seem to be intended by MS, otherwise the would have created a way. The console is pretty much low-level still, and only from "Vista" on you'll e.g.even be able to se set a font programmatically. So, I tend to doubt that you can get further programmatically than Windows allows to set manually for the moment.

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