How can an Excel file be attached to an email using mailto?

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How can an Excel file be attached to an email using mailto?

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if i'm reading the question right,
you are using <a href="">Email Link</a>

in which case it is not possible to add an attachment using this method, other than suggesting to the user they browse for the file and attach it manually.  I Believe the most you can do is add a subject to the link (I say believe, because I would not try to add anything else to the link, befoire I used another method to send an email), and it would look like:<a href=" Subject">Email Link</a>
Set oCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
      With oCDO
            .To = ""
            .From = ""
            .Subject = "your subject"
            .HTMLBody = "your email body"
            .AddAttachment "complete path to excel file to be attached"
      End With
Set oCDO = Nothing
the above answer is very good.  If you host your site yourself its ok.  If you host using an online hosting service check to make sure they have the CDO object and asp scripting available. is a good one that has both
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