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strange irritating problem...

had a problem since i bought a new samsung 930bf tft monitor..  existing system spec:

amd xp2600+ / 1 gig ram ddr400
450 watt PSU/ dvd-RW writer
AOPEN aeolus 6600GT graphics card
netgear wg311T wireless netcard
razor optical mouse.

With the 19; CRT I never got this freezing.. as soon as I introduced the samsung 4ms monitor I started to get pc lockups. PC would freeze (everything) / totally lockup video and everything else locked.. tried both analog and digital outputs both both had the same problem...

Lockups would happen at any time and not with any particular piece of software running..  even just the screen saver running..
reformatted the machine.. re-installed but the same problem..

upgraded the motherboard etc to the following:

asus a8v 939 board and athlon 64 vinice core chip.
1 gig of corsairs dual channel memory (one of the recommended ones for the board)
upgraded PSU to 600W silent unit.
same vid card / networkand mouse..

full reformat and reinstall...

same freezing.. locking when starting 3d games (ie. ut2004)  and some instability...
changed video card for a card I know works fine from a friends pc.. worked fine for a day then the instability problems re-appeared..
reboots and freezing..

I replaced the memory with a single 512 ddr module.. replaced the video card with the 6600gt one.. and it ran fine all yesterday..
turn on the pc today and it locked again.... :(

I stumped here.. and cannot find anywhere issues with the monitor affecting the pc? maybe a currupt signal or something i dont know...
I need help.. this has been ongoing now for about 3 weeks... and has me really confused....
1 Solution
If the monitor was really out of spec or leaking voltage to the signal line, it might cause this.  Did you try connecting the CRT after one of these incidents, to confirm that the problem continued afterwards?
At what resolution and refresh rate are you running the computer video card. The limit on the refresh rate for this monitor is  from 56Hz ~ 75Hz. Also remove the network card from the equation for awhile and uninstall it. I've seen network cards do this from time to time.
simloxAuthor Commented:
im running at 60hz.. also try 70hz... same thing.. i'll get the crt back out of the loft tommorow.. and try the crt after the freezes again..
I can also remove the network card though it was never a problem on the crt... ill dig out the drivers for the onboard lan..

Is there any other way I could check for a leaking voltage? an amp meter or something?
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I've never tried troubleshooting leaking voltage on a VGA cable, but the maximum should be 0.7 volts on the R, G, and B pins (relative to ground).
you can also test the display on another PC to be sure.
Same that happened to my friend when he changed to Samsung 17" monitor. Instead of 'freeze' he got the blue-screen-of-death. Problem solved when changed to other monitor.

Try changing your monitor.
simloxAuthor Commented:
numerous crashed tonight... got the crt here but not connected it... I have however removed the wireless network card.. and for now the crashes and reboots have stopped. I'll keep you guys updated
simloxAuthor Commented:
Must have just been a coincidence when I added the samsung monitor.. that he crashed started then.. since I removed the netgear wireless card (fingers crossed here) i've not had a single crash or lock up.. did a search on the net as well.. and there seems to be some issues with the via chipset and that particular card.. :(

thanks guys... you have saved my sanity... :)


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