query to return the records with same data in two fields

I want to create a query in access database that will return all the records with the same values in Date and prod


W1   Date1   22
W1   Date1   22  
W2   Date2   23
W2   Date2   23
W3   Date3   100

My query should read W1 Matches W2 at Date1,22 and Date2,23

Thank you.
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
need more info and possible some better data. do you have an index field ?
Which is the Product field ?   is this the table.?  A few records of real data will go a long way.....

MyID    Product    Date    Count
 1          W1        Date1     22
 2          W1        Date1     22
 3          W2        Date2    23
 4          W2        Date2   23
5           W3        Date3   100

SELECT T1.Product FROM yourtable T1, yourtable T2
 T1.MyId <> T2.MyId

"SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE fielddate=#" & yourDateVar & "# AND fieldprod=" & yourProdVar & ";"

if fieldprod is not numeric then the sql string should read:

"SELECT * FROM yourtable WHERE fielddate=#" & yourDateVar & "# AND fieldprod='" & yourProdVar & "';"

Replace yourtable with the real table name, and also fielddate and fieldprod with the corresponding field names.

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