Creating ghost 8.2 bootable CD

Need instructions on creating bootable CD from ghost 8.2 with multiple network cards. The purpose is to boot the target PC from the CD, map a drive to ghost server to download/upload the images. Some of the these machines does not have floppy drives so it has to be a CD.

Thank you
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amanzoorConnect With a Mentor Network infrastructure AdminCommented:
You need to actually burn the same floppy image and add some more files to it: An excellent resource:
Hope that helped.

getpravinAuthor Commented:
The problem is when ghost boot wizard - network boot disk, I only get option for floppy, either A: or B:
go ahead and make it on a floppy disk, and then create a bootable cd using that disk as the boot image, using a regular burning app like ezcd or nero.
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Ghost 8 has an option to boot the Ghost system from a CD, and that is what you should make.  This way, you can do better than a floppy, you can actually boot windows stripped from the CD, and you can map all the network drives, and if you label them correctly, each person will be able to see where his ghost backup resides on the network.
getpravinAuthor Commented:
Guys, thanks for the input. Because I did not have a floppy drive, I have not been able to test this just yet. I have found an external floppy and I will post the result as soon as I test it. Thanks again.
getpravinAuthor Commented:
I had some problems booting from the CD at first since I am using different version of ghost and roxio. But with few tweaks and extra effort, I am back in business. Thanks.
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