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Tagging and ASP

I'm an building a directory site based on a CMS system. One thing i am keen to implement is tagging. I have a couple of questions about the best way to implement this. The site to begin with will be a directory of drinks, so let me give you a sample page:


You can see the tagging guidlines i'm trying to follow here: http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag

This page would be produced from a database and all the links you can see are tags. My first question is how best to store these tags in a database? Do i put them all in one column and spearate them by a ',' or do i use a space, or do i have them in a separate table etc. Also how should i implement and store tags with more than one word like "Jack Daniels"?

Secondly as you can see in the above link tags should be specified in the URL like: www.mysite.com/tags/mango. How can i do this in ASP when my application is database driven. Surely i don't have to create a folder with a separate page with www.mysite.com/tags for every tag? How is this done?
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here is an explaination on how to use a 404 error page to redirect your page and work similar to the url rewriters.

as for the tags, will your users be typing in these tags or clicking a link?  for tags such as jack daniels, you could use the underscore character to fill the space in both the links and the db.  if the users are typing it, that would be a little more difficult for them.  ie will encode the space though with its hexidecimal code so you could still have a user type out the tag with a space, you would just have to replace the space with the underscore and away you go.
alex_wareingAuthor Commented:
I don't have access to IIS or DLL files i'm on shared hosting is there any pure asp way?
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sorry, i thought that was a non-dll example.  i should have read it through better.  i dont see any mention of a dll in this example.

with that example, would you still be able to see the ?productID=4 in the address bar, once the transfer happens?
you wouldnt see any query string pairs because the 404 page takes the url given, and it executes the correct page inside that 404 page.
ThinkPaperIT ConsultantCommented:
Don't know if this helps, but came across this and remember that you had a question relating to it. It's not exactly what you're doing, but perhaps they way they do this might help.

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