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We run a fairly small lan but the users here like to move to computers a lot. The problem is the computers tend to run out of disk space quickly. I was wondering if there was a good alternative to roaming profiles???
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi DuNuNuBatman,

folder redirection is what i am rolling out - much better option and much less bandwidth
DuNuNuBatmanAuthor Commented:
Awesome, I was just working on that. I just wanted to be sure it was the best option.

Thanks for your help
no worries at all, for the record, so far i am loving folder redirection, so much more efficient :)
DuNuNuBatmanAuthor Commented:
Yea, I was just playing around with it. It was number one on my list of things to fix with our server upgrade.
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