MS virtual Server: what u think?

MS virtual server is now free (as in beer)
VMware GSX remains un-free

I've heard of stability issues with MS virtual server vs VMware GSX, but their April product seems pretty stable, if not a tad slower in disk I/O.  How much would you trust MS Virtual Server for things like mission critical apps or a virtual print server hosting 100 printers?
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VMware Server (now in beta) Replaces VMware GSX Server (
VMware Server is a free virtualization product for Windows and Linux servers
 microsoft followed vmware decision!
We are using both  (because with MSDN contract was free) but now we are thinking to a migration to vmware virtual server...

With MS virtual server you must use windows as HOST OS and the problem is:
pay for host operating system with the following limitation OS associated :
windows 2003 standard, support up 4 cpu, max 4 GB ram
a solution linux + vmware server dosn't have  limitation (ram, cpu) , io better, low HOST cpu utilization, usb support, snapshot

interesting doc about VMware MS



I would go with the free in second beta VmWare Server.

I have had bad performance results with Virtual Server 2005 (that doesn't mean you will too though). The key with these things is plenty of hard disk space and enough RAM (as much as you can get).

Marketing_InsistsAuthor Commented:
VMware GSX is Free too!  
 - this makes my week

Info from vmware site:
VMware Server Replaces VMware GSX Server
VMware Server offers more than GSX Server.In addition to the VMware GSX Server capabilities, the generally available release of VMware Server plans to offer the following unique features:
Virtual SMP
Experimental support for Intel® Virtualization Technology
Support for 64-bit guest operating systems

The free VMware Server represents the upgrade path for all GSX Server customers.
 Once VMware Server is generally available, which is currently planned for Q2 2006, it will replace GSX Server as VMware's hosted server virtualization offering.
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