ASP.NET 1.1 & Javascript Validation: Return false but server code still runs!?!?

Hey Experts,

I'm attempting to validate an form by way of a javascript function. The problem is this:
Even though my jscript function returns false, the server side code still runs.  

My JScript is being called like this:

btn_save.Attributes.Add("onClick", "checkvals();")

To troubleshoot, I reduced the javascript to it's simplest possible form:

function checkvals()
return  false;

When I click the button, the alert pops up, I click okay and then the server side code runs.

What's going wrong here???

Thanks in advance,

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need to add return:

btn_save.Attributes.Add("onClick", "retirn checkvals();")

RunForrestRunAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nauman . . . that's a quick and easy 500pts for you . . . . . much obliged.
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