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Ok I'm not looking for a step by step but a general point in the right direction here. I've been digging learning the pix hardware, but this one is most likely above me.

I have to pix 501s (OfficeWall- and DCWall- setup with a vpn tunnel between them. (Used PDM site to site) I also have the OfficeWall setup to accept VPN connections from Cisco VPN client software (Again dreaded PDM was used)

Individually these things work flawlessly. If you are in the office everything is accessable on the subnet and vice versa. If you get on the VPN client from a remote location you can access the subnet, but you can't get to the subnet.

Basically I'm not sure if there is a ACL issue with the traffic coming in from the VPN client. It gets assigned its own IP address so I wold assume that it'd be able to just route down the other tunnel, but that does not seem to be happening.

I'm a newbie to Cisco networking gear so if you need something from please let me know.

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Unless you are using PIX version 7.x or higher, you can not forward traffice originating from VPN client to DCWall through the OfficeWall. You only option is to create a second VPN Client Connection to DCWall and then use two Connection on the VPN client, one for 1.x and the second for 6.x This should allow the client to communicate with both networks at the same time.
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