lose ip address

I setup static IP address on my network card time after restart my PC (XP SP1) lose ip address and I see
on LAN properties that my ip address is REPAIR my card renew address to
What to do???
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GranModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Do you have a router such as a Linksys. It could be a conflict, as their default is  Try another IP like
Just a thought.
YOu could setup your router to assign the same IP via DHCP to your computer if you need it to be static.  An alternate way to use a static :-)

Otherwise, you could try a System Restore if it use to work and not it doesn't.  

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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

just to reiterate the problem, after sometime the ICS machine will
stop handing out IP address's?

So the steps would be:

1. Configuration ICS on Computer

1. Right click the connection that you want to share.
2. Click Properties | Advanced.
3. Put a check mark in the box "Allow other network users to connect
through this computer's Internet connection".

It shouldn't be necessary to do this more than once.  Take a look at
the system error log to see if there are any messages about the
ICF/ICS service:

1. Right click My Computer and click Manage.
2. Double click Event Viewer.
3. Double click System.
4. Double click each error message in the right pane to see if it
I see in the original question you said SP1.  Was this a typo, or is there some reason you haven't upgraded to service pack 2?  Although not a genious suggestion, this may well "magically" fix the problem.  Worth a shot?  
Also...it's worth looking to see if there's an updated driver for the NIC.  Of course, my answers are geared towards fixing the problem, not determining root cause.
bidzoAuthor Commented:
I have 4 PC and 2 switch.
This is home network without connection to internet
ok, so download can't be done directly..unless you take the computer someplace that does have an internet connection.  But my fix suggestions are still the same.  Download and install SP2.  Download and Upgrade your NIC driver (if possible).  That's my 2 cents.  Sorry if Im a penny short :-)
bidzoAuthor Commented:
I find solution:)
Uninstalling PC Anywhere from PC!!!
Glad you found your fix.  Seems kinda pointless to have PC Anywhere on a PC that doesn't have internet access :-)
nice u found ur cure and medicine
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