Backup exec 10d Backup to Disk folders...

We recently installed backup exec 10d and are using it to backup to a snap drive on our network.  

We set up backup to disk folders and a daily backup job using this document form Symantec:

Everything is working fine except that we are now about to run out of room on the snap drive.  We don't want to manually go in and delete files every time this happens.  How can we set up the backup to delete the oldest backup when it is about to run out of room on the snap disk?

Currently we have a backup to disk folder created and a daily backup job that backus up to that backup to disk folder every night at 7:00.

I did notice that I could set a disk space reserve in the properties of the backup to disk folder, but it says once that limit is reached the system will stop accepting backup jobs.  Obviously this is not what we are looking for.  we want it to delete 1 or 2 of the oldest backups when this happens.
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David_FongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the above doc;
>10. Name the new media set something significant, set the Overwrite Protection Period to 0 hours (if it doesn't already indicate None) and set the Append Period to Infinite-Allow append. Click OK (Figure 8).

That's just silly, as you say with those settings you'll have to manually delete backups to free up the space.

We have a 1 day overwrite protection and a 1 day append period on our daily disk media set and a 2 day overwrite protection and 1 day append period for our weekly disk. (the 2 day overwrite on the weekly is because we then copy to tape. If no copy to tape then set it to 13 days.

The disk space reserve is best left to zero unless you use the disk for other things as well as backup to disk.
In the job setup there is a setting where you can tell backupexec to overwrite the destination. This will overwrite the oldest files when space is needed. If this option wasn't set for the backups until now, you will have to delete these manually because the media has been marked not to be overwritten by a previous backup (if you look at the media you'll see until when it can't be overwritten).

So, if that option hasn't been set yet, you should change your backup job with this option set, but until the disk has been completely recycled you'll have to delete the old backups yourself.
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