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Change partition size on a raid array running windows server 2003...

We installed a windows server 2003 machine about 1 year ago.  The machine is a Dell Poweredge 2600 with a raid 1 mirror on 36gig drives.  The system partition is 12 gigs and the data partition is 22 gigs.  Unfortunately the system drive only has about 500megs free because it is a terminal server and the documents and settings folders are gorwing much faster than expected.  We have moved eveything we can off this partition (page file, programs etc...) and are still running out of room.

So we are going to need to buy two more 36gig drives and add them into the server as another mirror or add 1 more drive and convert the array to raid 5.  Problem is, how do we resize the system partiton to fill the existing raid 1 array and then move the system partiton to the new 36 gig mirror or add a  third drive and convert to raid 5?

We have a program called Acronis Partition expert that can supposedly do this, but I have never had good luck with partition resizing prgrams.  They alwasy seem to kill the drive they are run against.

So in a nutshell my questions would be:

1. what is the best way to accomplish this task?  add 2 more drives as a second mirror and move the system partiton to fill the entire first mirror and then move the data partiton to the new mirror?  Or just add one more drive and somehow convert the array from raid1 to raid 5, then just resize the partitons?
2.  Does anyone have any experience with Acronis Partiton Expert?  If not, is there another more suitable program out there?
3.  IS there an even easier way to do this that I am missing?
2 Solutions
There is an easier way - move the user profiles (Documents and Settings folder) to a different partition. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322014/en-us
Acronis Partition Expert works, I actually used it yesterday without a hitch.  Remember RAID works as one drive dependeing on your configuration of it.  

Stanley Louissaint

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