Ghosting and other display problems on new system build

I recently upgraded my system, after buing a video card, I noticed what I believe is called Ghosting but have also noticed a virticle line on left side of screen, as well as diagonaly moveing lines while playing 3D games.

I have the following setup:

Windows XP Pro SP2
Asus N6200/TD/128 (Nvidia Geforce 6200)
Asus P5VDC-MX Motherboard
Celeron D 336 2.8GHz CPU
Kingston 512MB DDR 400 (KVR400X64C3A/512) Memory
Maxtor 40GB Hard Drive (6E040L0)
AOC 17 Inch CRT Monitor (7E-SLK)
Thermaltake TR2-430W Power Suply, W0070

After contacting Asus, they sugest either faulty Power Supply or Bad Memory Card memory, I try a differnt computer/monitor and supply, same problem.  I try reseating card, difernt refresh rates and resolutions.  They told me to phone and get RMA, instead I phone store I bought from, since they have 15 day warenty with them.  They take it in for testing and give me RMA form.

They email me today:  Your card is working fine so far, can you provide us with your system specks or bring in your system.  

I dont understand how they cannot see the problem or if they are only using software to test for problems they are not looking for.  Maybe its just me but around the edges of windows and the cursor, I see multiples, that are faded out or transparent but quite disturbing.

What can you sugest?

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>The tech showed me another monitor the ghosting was very much aparent but the verticle line was gone

This is definitely a monitor problem, then.  Try a lower refresh rate, but if this CRT is more than a few years old, it may be on the way out.  A replacement is the way to go, then.
Clearly the problem does not exist on their test system. Take yours in and show them ...

Chris B
The version of the video driver can make a big difference with respect to artifacts.  I would recommend that you try several different versions and compare.
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hiddenshrineAuthor Commented:
Im gona bring my system into them on monday, and see what happens, Will also sugest to them the drivers.

Will keep you updated and assign points once issue gets resolved.
hiddenshrineAuthor Commented:
Ok, I just got home after haveing brought my system in for testing, they finaly saw the problem after I got the guy to go right up to the monitor.  He says it seems to be the CRT monitors and the cable that links them to the card.  We talked for a good half hour then I decided to just live with the problem and it might go away when I get a flat screen.

Now doing more research some sites are claiming Asus is never any good with 2D and thats why I see ghosting, others say its Nvidias poor 2D quality, but this does not quite explain the diagonaly moveing lines in 3D games.

Ok so Ive checked my PSU, tryed various PSU's by testing in various computers.  So it seems I will live with this problem but realy what are your experinces with 2D and ghosting?

Ill assign points after I get a few responces hopefully.
I had to try about 4 versions of nVidia's drivers before I was satisfied with both the performance and the lack of artifacts.  Anything that shouldn't be there in a 3D game is definitely an artifact and should be solvable with a different driver.  I have an nVidia XFX 6600GT.
hiddenshrineAuthor Commented:
When I go to nvidias site, they only provide me with latest driver.  Where should I look.

Could this be a monitor problem, I have an AOC monitor which Ive had problems with ever since I purchased it.  And when I try differnt monitors the problem seems to be less aparent.  Infact when The tech showed me another monitor the ghosting was very much aparent but the verticle line was gone.  When I try with my friends monitor the problems are less aparent.

This monitor says it suports 80HZ refresh and 1024 resolution, maybe it realy dosent, or perhaps the quality of the ferrite or the signal cable is bad?  Should I look for a new monitor perhaps or an extension cable with tw0 ferrites?  Or might this make the problem worse?
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