Open regular window from Flash popup window in Firefox

I have a flash movie in a popup window. The popup contains button with code like the one below:

on (release) {


In IE clicking opens a new regular size window which is what I want. However in Firefox doing the same thing opens a another tab in the smaller popup window which is not what I want. Is there something I can add to the above code so Firefox will open a new window opposed to a tab?
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TheRookie32: guy4graphics wants to open a new URL from his flash code, not HTML! won't work from flash code, even using MMExecute...

guy4graphics: AFAIK you can't do it, ultimately it's the browser that decides in where to open an URL, and it a user sets his firefox to open everything in new tabs only, it won't open in a new window no matter what code you try to use. I'm really glad that you can't, because I don't care if some web page developer thinks something *must* open in a new window, I personally don't tolerate new windows. The browser just supports this notion - every use can choose what he wants and no web developer can impose on that choice.
I always open windows using this code.  (from page A to page B)

<a href="B.htm" onClick="'B.htm', 'myWin', 'toolbar=no, directories=no, location=no, status=no, menubar=no, resizable=no scrollbars=yes fullscreen=yes'); return false" border="0" >OpenPageB</a>

You probably have to also turn off tabbed browsing in firefox...

From the above link:  (lots of good stuff there)

"Reveal More Tab/Window Options
There are some hidden options for the Tabbed Browsing that will allow you to force links that open new windows to open in the current or a new tab. First, add the following code to your user.js file:

// Reveal more tab/window options:
  user_pref("browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs", true);Restart Firefox and go to Tools > Options... (Edit > Preferences... under Linux and Mac OS X), select Advanced and click on Tabbed Browsing. The following options should be visible:

Force links that open new windows to open in:
the same tab/window as the link
a new tab
The options should be self-explanatory.
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guy4graphicsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input but I know that a can control firefox's tab settings on my computer. What I want is to control universally how the window opens (in this case not in a tab). Does anyone know how to do this?
my code above will do it.  did you try it?
Isnt my comment at 05/04/2006 07:43PM PDT accurate then as far as changing Firefox's options for opening new windows?  If you change the option in the browser to open in a new window as opposed to another tab, then when you click the button, it will open in a new window.  (?)

(or should i start drinking coffee again?)

Admittedly I did read the question a bit wrong when he first posed it... sorry!
TheRookie32: he can change his own FireFox settings but he wants this to work for all users of FireFox on this planet!
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