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Please help keep me from having to stay up all night!  Windows Server 2003 SBS crashed.  Corrupt system32\config\system file.  For a while I couldn't even enumerate the directory in recovery mode, and couldn't run a chkdsk all the way through.  I finally got to see the directory, and replaced the system file from windows\repair.  The server booted!!  HOWEVER, it will not log onto the domain, I can only log onto the computer itself.  I think I am so close to having this thing fixed without having to reload it from scratch - does anyone know what I can do to fix this?  I was able to start the Net Logon service..  but that didn't fix it.  Any ideas are appreciated!  Thanks!
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SBS member server ???
slandiseAuthor Commented:
No, I pretty much discovered that I was screwed - the original system file was created before the server became a DC.  I tried DCPromo, which did promote it to a DC, but couldn't get Exchange to work, even after uninstalling and reinstalling.  Apparently the uninstall in SBS is not very complete...  Anyway, it's now 2:45 am and I finally have reformatted and am installing fresh....  Thanks for trying, though..
U did the right thing...u cant run dcpromo on a DC that holds exchange server....specially an SBS server....
U should also ask for this question to be closed and ur points refunded...
take care and good   luck..
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