MS help on virus?

I purchased a desktop dell nearly a year ago xp home, and now am getting alerts about a virus.  
Question:  Seems like I read that you can call microsoft (free) and they will walk you through removing the culprit.  True or not.  BTW I am not with the computer (out of country) and wife has relayed this information.  I was hoping that this was true about ms helping out on virus problems.  It would make it alot easier on her.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Microsoft has not (yet) gotten into the antivirus world.  You need to be using appropriate antivirus software - McAfee (my preference), Norton, Avast, AVG, Trend, etc, etc.  AND you need to keep it updated.

You can try to call Microsoft, but they will probably charge you $245 to tell you get anti virus software.  I have never heard of Microsoft talking you through getting rid of a virus.
Microsoft has launched a new web site recently, called "MS Live Safety Center", which may be useful in your case.

You can ask your wife to connect to this web page:

and click on the yellow "Full Service Scan" button. It offers to install a program, which you should agree to, and then scans your system. It is a bit slow from my limited experience, but does a fairly good job.
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