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How do I remove the Hard Drive from a Toshiba Satellite P15-S420?

I have a Toshiba P15-S420

It's a friend of mines. He poured a glass of red wine in it (D'oh!) and he's pretty much given up on it working but has asked me to pull the drive out of it to see if we can mount it in a USB 2 Extrernal Drive case and salvage some of the data.

Where do I find the hard disk and how can I get the drive out of the notebook?

What I've Tried So Far in Attempts to Find It:

-Removed the Battery
-Removed the RAM Cover
-Removed the WiFi Card Cover
-Removed the Fan/Heat Sink Cover
-Taken most of the screws out of the bottom - but i cant seem to get the bottom plastic cover off.
-Searched the internet looking for a manual with useful info or tips relating to this model.

No luck so far.

What I haven't tried so far (for fear of breaking it):
-Removing the CD-ROM drive. Can't seem to find any screws holding it in but it sure won't come out.
-Removing the Keyboard.

If the thing powered up I could "feel" where it was spinning so at least I'd have an idea of where it is. But no luck there.
Also, I could pop open the CD-ROM drive to see if there was a hidden screw there somewhere.


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1 Solution
look here :

http://www.bixnet.com/toshiba2.html                              toshiba manuals
http://www.irisvista.com/tech/                              toshiba diassembly
tractivtechAuthor Commented:

none of the instructions on this page are for the model I have.
looks close but when you remove the battery there is no drive that I can see. Only plastic

has removal of the fan which I've already tried with no luck.
well, it's all i have - i thought it could be useful
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tractivtechAuthor Commented:
Yep. Thanks for the links. Unfortunately it's seems like it's pretty rough finding good info on this...
It is more than likely under the keyboard or the top panel next to the touch pad.If the laptop is toast just start taking screws out  that you can see and use a digital camera to keep track of your progress.Sometimes the top panel needs to be pryed apart with a slender tool, my favorite, a guitar pick.
just a semi related note: depending on the nature of hte damage, sometimes sticking the hard drive in an airtight ziplock bag and freezing it helps it run for a short while.

I know it sounds 'bogus' but if the drive is fried it might buy you enough time to offload anything vital.
Make sure the bag is air tight and that the drive does not get wet.

As for getting TO the harddrive: the reason simply removing screws doesn't necessarily work is that the parts are held together by plastic tabs. You need to find out where these tabs are located so that you can 'force' them out (or, if part of them is accessible, depress them using a flathead screwdriver or other such object).

In very rare cases, there might be double sided tape holding one thing to another, but don't believe that to be the case with this model. Sorry I can't find the exact details right now.
tractivtechAuthor Commented:
hey. thanks for the tips. I'll give these a shot tonight.
tractivtechAuthor Commented:
Just a status update. I'm still cranking on this thing. Thanks sparkmaker reg. the guitar pick tip. I'm a bass player to a grabbed a guitar pick and it's been working nicely. The bottom plastic cover of the notebook is still attached in two places but I'm making headway.

I got the keyboard removed but there is only a flat sheet of metal cover underneath. going to see if i can get that removed if I can't get the bottom off.

If anybody else has suggestions they'd be mighty appreciated.

more info coming...
I've been looking for pretty much the same info. My laptop is a P15-S409. After reading your post I started taking it apart again. Here is what I found:

The hard drive is located above the DVD unit (and below the palmrest/cover). In order to gain access to it you must first remove the DVD unit.

So ...
1. start by using a long pin or paper clip to open the dvd through the 'emergency eject' hole located on the front of the DVD unit.
2. Turn the laptop upside down (the laptop screen should be closed).
3. pull the DVD tray all the way open.
4. You'll see two Phillips screws near the back of the tray. They screw into the underside of the palmrest.
5. After removing the two screws you'll be able to slide the entire DVD unit forward and out of the laptop. Don't worry, there aren't any cables to snap, but pull it out straight and slow.
6. You'll then see an aluminum shield held in place by two more screws that are easily removed.
7. After removing the shield you'll see the hard drive. I assume that you know what to do from this point.

Good luck and thanks for your posting. Without it I probably wouldn't have gone looking.

Thats a great find there Hacker. You should take pics and submit themto this site http://repair4laptop.org/submit.html
It could be very useful to others.
tractivtechAuthor Commented:
holy thanks!

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