Granting Adequate Bandwidth to Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Connection)

I have a bit of a situation.  You see, I currently use Terminal Services (Remote Desktop Connection) to "look" at the server so I can do web development on it.  All is fine until there is a big download off the website.  When there is a big download, IIS "eats up" all the bandwidth leaving none for my remote desktop connection.  When this happens, I get lag (when I click the mouse or type on the keyboard, the server only responds 10 seconds later).  Sometimes it is so bad that my entire screen blacks out and I get disconnected.

I've tried using Netlimiter to "grant" bandwidth to Terminal Services, but it's apparently not working the way I want it to.  Moreover, it seems to cause the server to crash out, and so I've uninstalled it.

Do you have any network tools or suggestions to recommend so that I can have a fast and stable Terminal Services connection?
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You need QoS, if you can spend some $$ check out Packateer.  This is a WAN accelerator but does great QoS.  You can say 56Kbps gets carved out for the RDP protocol and it will give it to you and compress/throttle down everything else.  If you need to do this cheap you can set up a modem to give yourself dial-in access.  
jugheadyongAuthor Commented:
Any chance of solving this problem without adding hardware?

I've contacted Packeteer anyway, waiting for their reply.
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