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change mainboard

My mainboard is broken I change new main board after I start the windows go to blue screen How can i solve this problem i read some where I need to find aprogram that support new hdd controller
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If you can boot into safe mode open device manager and under disc drives right click on your hard drive and uninstall it. When you subsequently reboot Windows should redetect the IDE controller and assign it a suitable driver.
if your new main board not same as previous ( drivers ,chipset  diffrent) , when loading drivers then you can see blue screen with errror codes.

soluation is repairing current installation with bootable XP CD.

configure BIOS to first boot as CD --> save setting and  restart

start through XP CD > first  setup screen press enter to install XP > next it will detect previos XP installation > it will prompt repair installation ( press R key ) >  you can continue instalation...

you can try a repair, but i would recommend a parallel install into a separate directory. this will allow you to get your data.

then you can reformat, re-install, and restore your data.

Good Luck,
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Your new motherboard will NEED to have it's chipset drivers installed. These drivers are supplied from a CD that should have come with the motherboard. Your WinXP CD may not have these drivers.

Further thoughts: A blue screen is not normal, even after a motherboard change, because having missing chipset drivers often allows the system to at least boot into Windows(though with functionality issues) and from there you can correct the chipset driver issue.
So, something else may be going on here.

SafeMode is a good first bet.
If no joy, I would try using a bootable CD, such as your XP CD, and see if it will display its menu options. If not, your motherboard is bad or is missing a connection somewhere.
Did you remember to install the RAM modules from your old MB if the new MB did not come "populated" And, are they compliant with the new MB?

A final point: You said that your previous MB was bad. And now you new one doesn't work. Could it be your power supply? Very, very common.
I almost forgot: If you are using a video card from your old computer, a bad video card can cause this. Happened to me twice.
try these about either moving a drive from one pc to another or replacing a mobo
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/824125/en-us    how to replace mobo for 2k, xp, 2k3 svr
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314082/en-us    stop error after moving xp system disk to another pc
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/249694/en-us    moving xp to a different pc
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