i WANT TO KNOW HOW TO UPGRADE Windows 2000 root Certificate Server to Windows 2003 Server. What steps are required for smooth upgrade. This server is a member server for Windows 2000 Domain .

Also I want to know that on this cERTIFICATE root server i have configured IIS . and SSL is applied on Default web site. The certificate on default web site has been expired. What is the correct wy (Step by Step) to renew the certificate,


Rehan Khurram
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The certificate server upgrade should be straightforward. As long as the servername doesn't change, it will work after the upgrade and all certificates issued will still be valid.

To renew the www certificate (assuming it was issued by your own private CA):
-In Administrative Tools-> Internet Information Services, right-click the Default Website and select Properties.
-On the Directory Security tab, click "Server Certificate", and select to "Renew the current certificate".
-If renewal doesn't work, just remove the existing certificate and then run the wizard again to request a new certificate.

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