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I'm looking at a question which has a snapshot of disk management showing Disk 0, which is a Basic 8GB NTFS system volume. There is also a Disk 1, which is a dynamic volume, with a 4GB NTFS partition, and a 12GB Unalocated partition.

The questions asks you need to provide addidtional space for the data volume which is on Disk1.

I guessed it was done using Disk management. However, what i want to know is why can't i use the Diskpart.exe command, and in what cases would you use Diskpart.exe


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David_FongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
At the moment yes. But if MS bring out a new diskmgmt.msc that has the ability to extend basic disks them MS would likely change the exam answer to be to use the GUI rather than command line. Using diskpart.exe to extend dynamic disks is supported and works but it's better in MS philosophy to use the GUI.
We aren't allowed to answer homework in this forum, but we are allowed to point you in the direction to do some research, so here is a link:

LFC1980Author Commented:
It's not homework. Im looking at a MCSE study guide.

I just want to know why can't i use the Diskpart.exe command, and in what cases would you use Diskpart.exe

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The link should help anyway.
LFC1980Author Commented:
theres a lot on info on Diskpart itself, but i cant see from it why they specifically used Disk managment.

If there was a server with a a RAID-5 volume, a FAT32 striped volume, a Mirrored volume and a spanned FAT32 volume, and you needed to increase the storage on this server. You WOULD use Diskpart.exe on the Spanned volume by running the command, then followed by te Extend comand and then converting it to NTFS......now my head just hurts, why did they chose to use the Diskpart.exe in this case
It's all down to dynamic disks. Disk administrator would be the preferable tool since MS love GUIs but you can only extend NTFS partitions on dynamic disks with the Disk Admin GUI.
LFC1980Author Commented:
Ah right.

So in basic terms, if its dynamic use Disk managment, if its anything else use Diskpart.exe, correct ?
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