Simple XML to XML Transformation 2003, .net 1.1

My application is intended to receive xml data from a variety of sources.  Each xml data packet is loaded into an XmlDocument.

I now need to convert the xml in this XmlDocument object and load the result into a new XmlDocument. (XmlDoc -> XSLT -> NewXmlDoc)

 - The XSLT for this transform is located on a public server: ""
 - All xml data needs to be handled in memory, and not saved to the file system.

Does anyone have a completed example of this (in either c# or vb)?  I have struggled to find an example that doesn't involves the source xml being on the file system.

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Hello SiJP,

you could use something along the lines of
   XPathDocument xmlInput = new XPathDocument(new StringReader(XML));
   XslTransform xsltProcessor = new XslTransform();
   xsltProcessor.Load(new XmlReader(new StringReader(XSL)));
 // parse the XML input and to load the XSLT stylesheet, then transform to a StringWriter
   StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
   xsltProcessor.Transform(xmlInput, null, stringWriter, null);

   // the stringwriter contains the resulting xml > stringWriter.ToString();

hope this helps a bit
SiJPAuthor Commented:
Apologies all - bruintje's aswer was great! - I've accepted this now

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