SATA issues after changing motherboard

I've just swapped out my MSI K8T-NEO using VIA SATA drivers for an ASUS K8N-SLI SE which I _believe_ uses SIL3114r5 SATA.  When I tried to fire up XP it displays the 'Windows XP' loading screen then blue screens and the machine reboots.  I've slipstreamed the SIL drivers onto an XP CD and tried a repair install but it didn't fix it.  I've even gone into the XP install using Recover Console and deleted the VIA drivers from \windows\system32\drivers as I thought it might still be picking them up.  Safe mode reboots after loading all the drivers.  Unlike my VIA chipset the XP Setup CD detects the hard drive even on an non-slipstreamed install disc.  Does anyone know how I might be able to fix this without a format?
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dooleydogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can try a repair, but i would recommend a parallel install into a separate directory. this will allow you to get your data.

then you can reformat, re-install, and restore your data.

Good Luck,
dcyendorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have tried booting to Safe Mode, deleting the HD reference, and the SATA drivers?
What about after doing that step, booting to the XP CD and instead of using the recovery console, allow the XP installation to detect your installed Operating Systems, and select the Repair option.  I believe it will just recopy the setup files over and reinstall the windows system files.  

It is past the screen that allows you to go to the recovery console.  Just a suggestion but you look like you've tried a few different methods with that boot disc.
rodtiAuthor Commented:
> booting to Safe Mode, deleting the HD reference, and the SATA drivers?

Safe Mode crashes just after the list of drivers are loaded.  

> allow the XP installation to detect your installed Operating Systems,
> and select the Repair option

Repair goes all the way through on an XP CD with slipstreamed SATA drivers, but then after the final reboot XP blue screens when loading.  Oddly I can also get all the way through a repair with a 'vanilla' XP install CD, which I wouldn't expect to see the SATA drive...
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rodtiAuthor Commented:
I've been considering a parallel install but wanted to avoid it if possible - the repair path doesn't seem to be working.  Thankfully I've got about 10GB of unpartitioned space on the drive, so another Windows install wouldn't be _too_ traumatic.
FriarTukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you may find these helpful    how to replace mobo for 2k, xp, 2k3 svr    stop error after moving xp system disk to another pc    moving xp to a different pc
rodtiAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks, ended up having to hose the install, but you were all very helpful and so I've (tried to) split the points three ways :-)
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