Backup Exec 10.1 not recognizing my tape drive.

Hi all.

I have Backup Exec 10.1 running on a Windows 2000 server.  I have an external HP/Compaq 35/70 DLT drive.  This drive and server have worked together for three years.  Recently we noticed some performance issues with Verification failures.  I ran the same jobs to disk and there were no errors, so I suspected cable or drive.  I loaded HP Library and Tape Tools and upgraded the firmware on the drive.  I replaced the SCSI cable at the same time.

Now it doesn't work at all.  Windows recognizes the drive, and I can install drivers with Backup Exec, but when I try to access the drive in BE (to Inventory the tape, or erase it, or run a backup job) it says "No idle devices available."  When I load Library & Tape Tools, it sees the drive but won't let me do anything with it.  I can select the drive but get no options to change the firmware, test it, or anything.

I have reset every part of the configuration to be like it was before I made the changes.  The only difference is the upgraded firmware, which I can't remove because Library & Tape Tools doesn't work now.  I'm on day four of no backups and these are critical apps.    

Any ideas?

BTW. . .

The SCSI cable (25pin male to 68 pin male) from the server doesn't quite reach the drive, so there is an extension (which was in place originally).  The drive has a 68 pin male to 68 pin male cable.  It and the server 25/68 cable are connected by a gender changer.  Is that as clear as mud?
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if you connect the drive to the server temporarily using just the SCSI cable and not the extension and gender changer does it work then?
If it does, then it is certainly an issue with the cables/connection. If it does not work,then it seems that the firmware upgrade has messed up the drive and you may need to speak to HP tech support to get a solution. In any case, they will request that you initially connect the drive using no extension cables anyway.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
1. go to

devices and drivers > search for the model > download the diagnotic software > if it says the drive is OK download an flash the firmware (same utility)
tomghormleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding.

The Libray and Tape Tools I mentioned using IS the diagnostic software for this drive.  It cannot read the drive now.  It can SEE it, and detect it, but it cannot access it.
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tomghormleyAuthor Commented:
I should add, the drive shows up in Insight Manager and its status is listed as OKAY.
Have you checked the BE (now symantec) site for patches and SP's?
tomghormleyAuthor Commented:
Yes, all relevant patches.  I really think I have a connectivity issue.  I don't think it's software.  I finally got L&T Tools to work, but it takes forEVER to scan.  It can SEE the drive, and recognize model and serial number, when when I try to do simple tests it bombs out and locks up.
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