Can I hook a mac computer to my 802.11G wireless?

If so, do you know how I obtain the physical address on the MAC PC?  Thx
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valiconConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can. To get the mac address do the following:

Macintosh OS (Pre OS X):

Click the Apple Menu.
Click on "Control Panels" to open your control panels folder.
Open the "TCP/IP" control panel
Go to the Edit Menu
Click on User Mode
Change the mode to "Advanced" and click "OK".
Click on the "Info" button
The Hardware address is your MAC address

Macintosh (OS X):
If your computer is running OS X, it is best to have it upgraded to at least 10.1

From the dock, select "System Preferences".
Select the "Network" Pane
With the TCP/IP tab selected, the number next to Ethernet Address is you MAC address
chitchcockAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I needed.  Thx Valicon.  CHUCK
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