How to draw 3d cone and then flatten or extrude to 2d

We are a digital printing company and have a job cover a tapered cylinder with graphics.  The shape is basically a cone with the top chopped off.  
I am trying to draw the cone in a cad program and then flatten or render it as a 2d object which should give me the curves and angle and shape to print my graphics in.

I have access to Autocad 2006 or TurboCad.
I am a cad newbie, but have been able to draw the objects in 3d. I just don't know the procedure or command to convert it to a 2d shape.

This link talks a bit about how to do it mathematically, but even they can't seem to agree on the correct formula.

Any ideas?

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I think I remember how to draw these in just basic 2d.

check this pic out:

I'm pretty sure it will work. that 3d stuff is fun but not really nessary. Boy thats a blast from the past! forgot how much I like that kinda stuff.
if that helps you out you may want to download post it somewhere permanent if you can I dont how long I'll keep it there.
dspangenbergAuthor Commented:
I think I can make it work with that. But in the process of digging around i found the coolest program to do this for me!

Cone Layout 2.0

This is an amazing program!

Thanks for the info
thanks for the points, the concentric ones are really the easiest. that program looks pretty sweet, and probably cost effective in a production setting. but it sure is alot more fun to draw em out! ;)
I'm probably going to make that file a pdf instead of a pic, should have to begin with. and find a diffrent place to host it.

Thanks again.
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