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Exit RDP to Return to users desktop

I am Useing a windows XP Machince to run a slide show.   To edit the show i RDP in to the Windows XP Computer and make my changes.  I then Start the the slide show and disconect.  But i then have to go to the remote computer and login to get the show back on my monitor.  How can i exit RDP and go right back to the Desktop that was alread open on the Windows Computer???
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You cannot via RDP.
I use VNC to to do that.
Reid PalmeiraTelecom EngineerCommented:
i'm a little unclear on what it is you're trying to do. if you have the slide show on a different machine the only way you'll see it is if you connect that machine via remote desktop or VNC or something like that OR you have some sort of server software running like a media server or web server or whatever.

so if you have the slideshow stored on Machine A and you want to view it on Machine B you need to set that up as a server or through RD or something like that. Now as far as remote desktop is concerned if you disconnect from the session but DO NOT log off, you can reconnect to the machine via remote desktop again and the desktop on the remote machine will be just as you left it. The catch is that the user you logged in as remains logged in even if you aren't connected to the machine.
RDP only gives you a terminal session on the remote computer, it does not give you access to the console.

If the remote computer is Windows 2003 use can force the connection to the console by using the command line version, and using the console switch ( eg mstsc /v:myserver /console). This will not work with XP

To take control of the console of an XP machine, then you will need something like VNC, pcanywhere, etc.
Hello bruintje,
May I ask if you can split the points equally between all the people who tried to answer the question?


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