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System variable %ProgramFiles% is not listed with the other variables and I want to change it (temporarily)

Posted on 2006-05-05
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I am making batch files, telling the main script to put %PROGRAMFILES%
in the script. However, because my systems variable is %PROGRAMFILES%
and that is the environment I am doing this in - it is putting........

C:\Program Files

There instead of just.........


So I need to alter my system variable so that
%PROGRAMFILES% does not exist on my system,
only temporarily whilst I do this, then I will change
it back to normal again (%PROGRAMFILES%)

I have looked in Control Panel > System > Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables (button)
and under that window, it does not show %PROGRAMFILES% anywhere. "C:\Program Files"
is referred to along the line that simply says "Path". WHAT?! What the hell is that?

If I change that "Path" then it will mess up......

C:\Program Files -- (%PROGRAMFILES%) but I WANT TO mess this one up! Temporarily, of course!

ALL the above are under "Path".

Hmmmmmmmmmm, thats strange because I do not have the variable %PATH%
that controls 4 things, do I? I certainly hope not.

So where can I change %PROGRAMFILES% to something like %PROGRAM_FILES%
just whilst I create these files with %PROGRAMFILES% in then and not "C:\Program Files".

Its no use because Windows is not ALWAYS installed to a C drive.
In a lot of cases, especially corporate organisations, Windows might
be on any drive BUT the C drive, for security etc. I can't believe it just
puts the full path instead of the variable when I told it to put the variable!

It makes me MAD!

So, now I have to change MY environment variable on my system and
risk messing that up just to put %PROGRAMFILES% in?! Sheesh honestly,
unless anyone knows of a special character I can use but that is out of
the question, it means making all the scripts all over again :(
Question by:EE33
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Assisted Solution

by:Lee W, MVP
Lee W, MVP earned 500 total points
ID: 16616562
You need to be conscious of the various environment variables that are already set.  How many batch files do you have?  What's the big deal changing the batch files - use "%progfiles%" instead of "%programfiles%"  Open the files up and do a find/replace.  Write a vbscript to globally replace all instances in all files.  Won't take that long.

Accepted Solution

The_IT_Garage earned 500 total points
ID: 16616984
I would recommend against trying to modify the system variable name %PROGRAMFILES% to anything else.

If you use a program called EditPad you can search/replace multiple text file entries at one time, so changing 30 batch files' that have %programfiles% to now say %progfiles% takes under a minute.

To see what environment variables Windows is using you can go to a command prompt asnd type SET. If you want this output captured in a file type SET > C:\winsettings.txt and the file winsettings.txt wil lbe created in the root of C:

Can you post an example of a batch you're creating with the %programfiles% file here? I'm Interested in seeing the end result you're looking for.
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Assisted Solution

dave4dl earned 500 total points
ID: 16616991
you can set the variable temporarily in the command window like

set programfiles=mynewvalue

check it with
echo %programfiles%

it is only set for that command window session (so you dont have to worry about it overwriting your persistent setting)
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Assisted Solution

Kenneniah earned 500 total points
ID: 16618629
Batch files always expand %variablename% to the value of the variable. If you do not want it to, you have to use double %%.
The following in a batch file will echo the vaule of blah, the word "boo"
set blah=boo
echo %blah%

However, adding 2 more %s as in....
set blah=boo
echo %%blah%%
will result in the actual echo of "%blah%"

"I can't believe it just puts the full path instead of the variable when I told it to put the variable!"
That's because you didn't tell it to put the variable. %variable% syntax in a batch file is telling it to EXPAND the variable. Using %%variable%% syntax in a batch file is telling it to put the %variable% itself.

That is why when you use %programfiles% in a batch file it gets expanded to whatever is in the value "ProgramFilesDir" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion

I do NOT recommend changing "ProgamFilesPath" in that same registry key, as there are many references in the registry that do use %programfiles% syntax.

Your best bet as already mentioned is to change your batch files to use another variable name.

Author Comment

ID: 16619097
Every single answer has helped equally here!!

leew - I changed %PROGRAMFILES% to %PROGFILES%
and it didn't show up at all in the BAT file (it started with \Folder
instead of %PROGFILES%\Folder) but I can't guarantee I am
even doing it right when I have this stupid GAP at the start of
all the scripts!

The_IT_Garage - same thing with the %PROGFILES%.
You prompted me to have another go at what I initially
thought, change all the files replacing the text in them,
but they needed renaming to TXT first. I have renamed
them (REN *.BAT *.txt) and ......

Oh lordy I found an incredible FREEWARE program
to change the text in text files!!

Replace in Files 1.01...

With this I can:

Change [C:\Program Files] to [%PROGRAMFILES%]
Change [C:\WINDOWS] to [%WINDIR%]

And most of all take that stupid gap
out I never did fix in my other question!

dave4dl - you "answered correctly" the question
I was "asking" even though I found a better way,
this is it I mean, should these points be split 125 each?

Kenneniah - you answered too - the double variable,
or variable inside a variable?) anyway you also answered
and said use a text editor!

So, all 4 answers are right..... I found the (%100% free) program myself though :P


Author Comment

ID: 16619104
For people wondering what i'm doing, I can't
tell you! But this involves over two thousand
batch files... now you see why I want to avoid
manually editing them!

If what I am doing takes off, you'll see it whenever
it gets fully finished and released :$ if it ever does.

Author Comment

ID: 16619136
In fact that REPLALL.EXE (Replace in Files) is only 68Kb and just runs
(it has no install) its just there as a working executable :D and totally free!
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Expert Comment

ID: 16620132
The reason %PROGFILES%\Folder becomes just \Folder when used in a batch file comes from the reason I mentioned before, just slightly different. Anything between single %s is treated as a variable by a batch file. So the batch files are expanding %PROGFILES% like a variable, but I'm from the results I'm guessing that that progfiles has never been initialised with information (as in a "set progfiles=something") it is treated as an empty variable.

Anyway, hope it works out for you and thanks for the points :)

Expert Comment

ID: 16620218
Thanks for the points!

1000 .BAT files? You know Excel can be used in a pinch to create batch files if you have say, a list of 1000 computers and you need to do something with them, like perhaps turn off and stop a service on a bunch of servers. Any time you have a command that is for example:
psservice \\<servername> messengerservice stop

column A is psservice column B will be your list of server names, column C is setconfig messenger disabled and column D is bascailly A&B&C&D (add spaces as needed until D comes out looking right). Then you cut and paste column D into a .BAT and presto, batch file to stop the messenger service on 1000 machines and you created it in about a minute and when you run it it MIGHT take 5 more minutes.

Just an example as I don't know what you're creating batch files for but keep in mind Excel can save a TON of time in some cases.

Expert Comment

ID: 16620221
"column C is setconfig messenger disabled"  Oops I mean C is messengerservice stop...but you still get the idea...

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