Trouble connecting Citrix over a Direcway (Satellite) connection.

I have a user thar needs to work from home. They have a Directway connection to the internet. I can connect via RDP over the Satellite connection, but Citrix will not. Citrix works great with all my other remote users. This one is the only one that has a Satellite connection.

Does Direcway block Citirix communication?

I want to setup a VPN in the future for this user, will that be even a bigger issue?

Thank you
Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIIAsked:
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centrepcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Citrix requires and steady upload and download speed to run.  Satellite has very fast speeds down loading but the uploads are way to slow to run citrix reliably if at all.  A 56k modem will run citrix better than a satellite.

No way for a VPN to stay up with a satellite connection either.  

I am surprised that you can run RDP even.  Does run well or are you just able to connect.  

I have heard nothing but bad things about using Citrix and RDP over Satellite connections; the latency is usually way up in the 300-900ms range.  Are you getting an error, a timeout, what details can you give?
Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIIAuthor Commented:
That is what I have seen on the net at this point.

The citrix client just will not connect. No specific error message. I am being told the the older version client connected fine, even witht he latency.

Is Direcway blocking Citrix traffic, or does the new version of Citrix requiring a better connection? or?

BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The above post is right on, even though you get great bandwidth via satellite, it is the speed at which your packets are getting to their destination that is the killer.  A  decent dialup connection (above 30Kbps) should outperform a latency-prone connection.  

One thing to try is "slimming things down".  
-make sure Session Reliability is set to off (this is sending extra data you don't need to bother with)
-take your resolution down to 256 and screen size to 800x600 (less data to xfer)
-take out options on the server side such as COM port mapping and Audio if you don't need them
-you can make a Citrix Policy in PS4 that can optimize for WAN connections; you might want to set one up that severely limits the amount of features your WAN clients receive

This might help you a bit...btw, if you tracert from the user's pc to your Citrix server, what is your latency?
Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIIAuthor Commented:
The RDP does connect, but yes it is slow.

I will check the latency and get back to you on it.

Thanks for all the help guys. You both helped me out here, so I split the points. I hope that is ok.

Thanks again
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