Turn auto-schedule (?) off?


I have a Microsoft project file on my PC that I am using to display a critical path of 60 projects.  

These projects have interdependecies that I have identified on my file that I load into Microsoft Project.  The problem with this is that if projects are not correct, i.e., a predecessor date is after a successors date, Project will automatically update the dates to be correct (Ie. it wil move the successor date so it is after the predecessor).  This functionality would be great if i needed Project to do my scheduling, but I need to see these improper dates.

I'm am calling this projects "auto schedule" function, but I really have no idea what it really is or is called.  Is there a way to shut this off so my dates are not automatically rescheduled?

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MSProjectGeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's under Tools-Options Calculation Tab; set the calculation radio button to Manual.  You can recalc the projects if you want by pressing F9.
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