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How can I block internet/web radio streaming at my Cisco 2610 router?

Is there any way to block internet/web radio streaming at my Cisco 2610 router level, or is it like some of these p-2-p applications that simply use port 80?  Could someone please give me at least a vanilla example of how I could do this on the router?
1 Solution
Hi atyar,

I think the only way to do this would be to use simple ACL's to block shoutcast ports

access-list 107 deny tcp $NETWORK_NUMBER $MASK any eq 8000
access-list 107 deny tcp $NETWORK_NUMBER $MASK any eq 8080
access-list 107 deny tcp $NETWORK_NUMBER $MASK any eq 8888

will block some common ports. (remember to reverse your mask, for a Class C etc)

The problem here that many internet radio stations run alternative relays on different ports - specifically designed to get round this problem. Take my personal favorite, jungltrain.net. They have a relay listening on port 22/tcp.

This will also have the affect of blocking any other services running on these ports, most likely proxies. This is most likely desirable.

The flip side to this - and the recommended answer, is to use a deny all in your ACL. Only allow traffic your users need.

Hope this helps.

atyarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input.  I think this one is stumping me - I wish I knew more about capturing, because maybe then I could have a firmer idea of what ports the users truly need, so I can do a deny all at the end of the ACL.  I looked, and there is a permit all, rather, because I don't know for sure what they need.  I know they need port 80, of course, and port 21 for ftp, but beyond that, I'm not sure (partly because I'm not totally familiar with what all they do in their job).  I do know, however, that if I slap a deny all on the config, I'll be flooded with phone calls of complaints that this or that doesn't work.  Right now, I have to deal with phone calls complaining that their internet connection is slow, all the while they're listening to their favorite radio stations on the web.  Feels like we can't win coming or going.....

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