Installing 2 KVM cables to my 2 servers

1.  Will I have to schedule an outage to connect the KVM cables for the mouse and keyboard connection for the servers to recongnize them?

2.  How do I program a Dell switch once the cables are installed so that I can name the servers on the KVM box?
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That switch is actaully a avocent with a dell sticker on it...

Complete manaul$FILE/590-203-001A%28web%29.pdf

The print screen button will bring up a little menu gui'y, using the mouse and keyboard you can go through menu's to edit names.  

There may be a hot-key, not sure what it is though and i find the gui'y easier to use.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
What kind of Dell Switch?  
1. Some servers (like Suns) perform a halt when you plug in the keyboard.  you don't mention the servers or the os, so it is hard to say.

A good rule of thumb is that whenever you plan to do something to a server that may cause it to go down, that you schedule it for after hours.  Moving these cables around, especially in a rack mount, you may accidently pull a power plug or cause some other outage, so plan this for your user's least busy time.

2. no fair asking 2 questions  besides you mention no model numbers or other way to identify exactly which dell kvm switch...
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dlpierceAuthor Commented:
The servers are DELL PowerEdge 2650's and the KVM is DELL Model 71PXP.

99 out of 100 times it will work... :)

But according to every intruction doc you read you should always shutdown to change monitors.  I never have, have hot plugged monitors thousands of times... but theres always the risk.

Mouse probaly won't work if you hot plugg, worth a try though.

All the setting are accessed by pushing print screen, from there you set user names, scan, reset, select machine, etc.

If your working in a prouduction in enviroment, i'd probaly schedule the outtage.

Dev enviroment, plug away :P .
dlpierceAuthor Commented:
souds good computerfixins...I will give you all the points if you know the keyboard combination that allows you to configure the know like changing and editing server names.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
"I will give you all the points if you know the keyboard combination that allows you to configure the KVM"

Just hit printscreen on the KVM for the config menu!
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