How to clean LCD moniter

What is the best way to clean an LCD moniter ????.......i have lost my manual ( usually people tear them off when they knew that they have the product :o )    .........i don't want a cleaner or sometype cause i think they might heart the screen ??

can it be cleaned with moist cloth or something like that ???
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PyanfarChanurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Plus, to clean it you can hand-wash it in the sink in about a minute." <--I mean the can hand-wash THE CLOTH.  Please do not try to hand-wash your LCD monitor in the sink. ;)
A soft damp cloth or special wipes for LCD screens.  Windex is not recommended.
I usually use some Windex or other window cleaner product sprayed on a soft cloth to gently clean the LCD.  You do not want to use any solvents or a paper cloth which will scratch.

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First off, grab a glasses cleaning cloth.  They're microfiber little squares of cloth that you can buy at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks (or at any department store, drugstore or eyecare place).  They're really soft, and you can use them to wipe up stray dust.  Plus, to clean it you can hand-wash it in the sink in about a minute.

When I really need my monitor clean, though, I use Office Depot's little spray bottle of LCD Screen Cleaner.  It sounds silly, but that's the brand that's worked really well for me, and I grab that brand because it's worked the best.  I have two flat-panel LCDs and two laptops.  Failing that, any cleaner that doesn't have alcohol is best--that's what will dry out and damage your screen.

Remember when you wipe a screen, to press lightly.  If anything's realy gunked on hard, try doing repeat gentle cleans, getting a little off at a time until it's all gone.

Let me know if that helps!

Try a damp, not wet, soft cloth first.  If that does the trick, all is well.

For really gunky ones, I use an ammonia free glass cleaner (Windex or similar) sprayed on a soft wipe or cloth.  Although not recommended by manufacturers, appears to work well with no damage.  Don't use glass cleaner with ammonia on any monitor (CRT or LCD) and always use a soft wipe.  Also spray on cloth/wipe, not directly on screen.
Lens cleaning solution available at your local pharmacy.  Spray onto a soft lint free cloth and wipe down the screen. Voila!
tmj883Connect With a Mentor Commented:
We use a very dilute solution of Dawn(recommended) in deionized water for the finger prints/oily grime followed by deionized water. Use a soft cloth. Olde style baby diapers are great if you can find some. Plain deionized water is best but some oily residues need the Dawn/water solution, about 1-2 drops( the key word here is dilute, less the better) in a liter of water. So buy a gallon of distilled water at the grocery, use a liter of that to make some dilute Dawn solution  for the tough ones and use the rest of the water for routine cleaning. As above, don't apply solutions directly to the devices but rather to the cloth. When you launder the diapers, use a fabric softener to reduce lint and keep them soft.
We have used this for years on all kinds of screens, instruments, and plexiglass, etc. and have never had a problem with whitening, staining, marbleing, residues, etc. It's cheap, effective and a very mild method of cleaning.
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