User Perrmissions Prevent Printing

We are running Roaming Profiles on our network, and using a database program called "total recall,"  when users are set to "Power User" they cannot select a default printer or select a different printer to print to.  this happens in both total recall and other programs like notepad and word.

we would like them to be able to choose any printer they need while still remaining a "Power User" or lower.

can anyone help me figure out what i am doing wrong???
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Kevin HaysConnect With a Mentor IT AnalystCommented:
Check the security on the printers to make sure that domain users are selected to be able to print.  You can always map the printers via a login script for them so they don't have to browse the network to find one and connect to it.

By default when a printer is installed, I believe the security level for 'Everyone' is set to 'print' unless you have changed it. Make sure you do have this for the Security options in the individual printers.

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