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Repair damaged ps2 connector


I'm sure most people will have experienced a damaged ps2 connector in their time. Most of the time you throw the keyboard or mouse as its cheaper and easier to replace them... however I have quite a few very expensive keyboards and some are starting to get damaged connectors. Is there a way to repair them, such as cutting the old connector off and terminating a new connector? If so are there any special patch tools required or is it a soldering job?

Lots of points for this one and I'm quite desperate to repair them!!
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You would have to solder the wires after cutting them, if you want a solid electrical connection.  You might want to investigate adding short extenders to the ends and replace those when they wear out, instead of the whole keyboard.
^^^^  Callandor hit that one well.  All I was gonna say was to get a set of PS2 extension cables and use them.  Replacing the jack will be both difficult and time consuming.  I wouldn't recommend it to anyone not well versed in that kind of pinning since the pins are so small.
Another possibility...  It's often easier to replace the entire cable than just the end.  Often the "inside" end of the cable just plugs into the circuit board in the keyboard and many manufacturers use the same design.  So take the cables off some scrapped keyboards and use them to repair the good ones.

The PS/2 connectors are very difficult to solder in my experience and the wires in the keyboard cable are also difficult to work with.
This is additional comment on Callandor and KenO1964 s posts.

Probably you have bent pins that are getting weak when standing up and flex (bend) too easily when inserted into the socket.  

Extension leads are the answer.  If you straighten the pins and carefully fit the extension on and glue or "weld" or tape so the extension never comes off you have solved the problem.
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