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Wireless Repeater

Hello, I currently have a Dynamode wireless access point connected to a wired router with built in ADSL modem. This Access point covers one house but I would like it to cover the house next door as well. From what I have read I will need to purchase a wireless repeater or a wireless access point with repeater (WDS) support. I am struggling to find a reasonable priced one that will also support other manufacturers hardware other than their own.

I was going to go for this because of the price-
but it doesn't seem to properly support repeater mode from what I have read and I think it will only repeat signals from other linksys products . Looking at the linksys access points, it only seems to be the very expensive ones that support the repeater function.

I have also looked at the netgear acces points here
Both support repeater mode. The  RangeMax one looks very good especially as it supports MIMO but is quite expensive. The other one is half the price but there is not much information on it e.g. how much ith will increase the signal by.

Can anyone point out any other access points that support repeater mode and/or give be any advice on the above access pioints?

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This is probably not the answer you want to see but I will give my 2 cents worth anyway ;)

I cannot comment on the Link Sys as I have never used one.  I have installed the netgear product in a very large house with 3 repeaters and I had a nightmare with it.

In the end I worked out that I had to switch the repeaters on in a certain order to get full coverage and also found that the PCs would not use the nearest repeater either :(

I have installed this model in my own house (and no its not large - yet ;) ): http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=2246

and have had no problems with it.  I have full coverage in my garden and also used my laptop in the garage which is approximately 40-50 foot away from the wireless device.

Hopefully others will be able to recommend your choices or give you cheaper alternatives.

Good Luck
don't try to repeat or extend your current wireless network to the other building. set up a pair of wireless ap/bridges between them (that will operate on a different channel). and you can isolate each house's network from each other by putting each 'network' behind it's own router:

internet connection -> router -> connects to:

-> existing router -> existing clients (house 1)
-> a/p ..bridge.. a/p -> router -> clients (house 2)
     (house 2 router can go on either end. if located in house 1, then a
     switch or hub can be used in house 2 to connect multiple systems)

if you don't care about isolating the networks....

internet connection -> existing router -> connects to:

-> existing clients (house 1)
-> a/p ..bridge.. a/p -> switch/hub/router -> clients (house 2)

i'd use something like a pair of http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=347 to go between the buildings. indoor PoE (more flexible placement) access point/bridge that can accept an external or outdoor antenna if needed. but any pair of ap's will work; the magic words you're looking for are 'point-to-point bridge'. the option to hook up a different antenna might be important, depending upon the site and unit placement options.

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