Use Excel's VBA to identify certain emails in LotusNotes & then to have VB download & open the accompanying attachments

I only know a little VB, but I'd like to learn how to write VB code from within Microsoft Excel & have it to loop through all of the emails in my LotusNotes Inbox & then identify all emails that meet either a sender or subject header criterion.  Once those emails have been identified, I would like to have VB download any attached Excel files, and then save the files on my hard drive in my C:/temp folder.  Sound doable?  I'd greatly appreciate any help with this.
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cezarFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
why from excel VBA? you can use lotus script which is similar to vb syntax.
marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi strattergize,
Agreed, much easier to accomplish in Lotus Script from within Notes.

Here is a sample database from Sandbox:,attachments,url

This works really well.  YOu can create a "view" in your Notes database with the criteria you want, or a folder and move stuff matching your criteria to the folder.  The view will display those documents, and then you simply run the agent on the selected emails.

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